Simpson’s Stopper – Chapter Namesake

Simpson’s stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) is the Eugenia chapter namesake.  Once upon a time when our Chapter began, its botanical name was Eugenia dicrana.  Botanical names sometimes change.

Nakedwood stopper also is a common name for this plant.  Its bark, shown above and below, often exfoliates (like that of crepe myrtle) …

myrcianthes fragrans for exfoliating trunk copy

Twinberry stopper is yet another common name for this plant since its red fruits, beloved by wildlife, are borne in pairs …

myrcianthes frgarans fruit 2 copy

Indian River County once was home to the National Champion (largest known) Simpson’s stopper when our Chapter was first organized.  The large tree once stood where the Indian River Mall is now located.

Simpson’s stopper is widely available in the nursery trade and makes an excellent landscape plant.  You can see it growing in the wild in hammocks on protected conservation lands.


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