Yard Visits

From April through September, the Eugenia NPS meets in members’ yards — except for June 20 this year.   It’s a great way to get ideas for your own landscape.

Upcoming Yard Visits …

7-18-19:  Yard of Maureen Labadie

8/15/19:  Yard of Terry Greene

9-19-19:  Yard of Carla Flournoy


2019 “Virtual Visits”

4/18/19:  Yard of Carol Thomas


2018 “Virtual” Visits …

9/20/2018:  Yard of Martha & Roger Willoughby

8/16/18:  Yard of Tom Brown

7/19/18:  Yard of Jane Schnee

6/21/18:  Yard of Judy Avril

5/17/18:  Yard of Tanya & Jim Goldsmth

4/19/18:  Yard of Carol Thomas