7/16/20: Native Plants & New Rain Garden

We visited the native plant area and new rain garden at the Garden Club of the Indian River County on 7-16-2020.  Special thanks to Garden Club and Eugenia NPS Chapter member Reva Brugnoli (center) for hosting us and providing us with a list of native plants …

!!reva burgnoli copy

Many of the plants were mature and substantially sized, including the silver buttonwood (Conocarpus erecta) and firebush (Hammelia sp.) …

!!hammelia & concarpus copy

The large firebush, though very attractive to pollinators, is not the native species.  It still is sold as native by some commercial purveyors.  Note the smaller leaves and light orange flowers.  Click here for information about the “Hammelia Mess”.

!!hammelia copy

Very variable blanketflower (Gaillardia pulchella) graced the edges of the garden …

!!gaillardia poulchella copy

… along with southern bee blossom (Oenothera simulans), which volunteered (not intentionally planted) and has been encouraged …

!!Oenothera simulans - gaillardia - conocarpus copy

!!Oenothera simulans copy

The coontie (Zamia integrifolia) had just flushed with new growth …

!!zamia floridana - flushed copy

Our walk ended with the dedication of the new rain garden …

!!rain garden copy

The Sunrise Rotary Club provided grants to homeowners and to the Garden Club for rain gardens that catch stormwater runoff and quickly drain.  Community rain garden workshops were held in the Garden Club’s Clubhouse.  The beach dune sunflower (Helianthus debilis) was full of blossoms …

!!helianthus debilis w beetle copy

Landscape architect and then Sunrise Rotary Club President Robin Pelensky dedicated the rain garden with a sign for installation …

!!rain garden dedication copy 3

The meeting ended with an auction of native plants, some of which were brought by color-coordinated Fran Robinson …

!!fran robinson w auction plants copy



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