Terrific teabush

Teabush (Melochia tomentosa) also is called woolly pyramidflowerand broomweed. It caught the attention of everyone who visited the yard of Tom Brown on June 18, 2021. Tom reported that it attracts a bevy of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators including hummingbirds, which he enjoys from the shade of his new pergola.

Teabush pefers full sun and flowers throughout the year. It is a member of the hibiscus family, Malvaceae.

Also called wooly pyramidflower, its foliage is an interesting grey-green color and has a velvety (wooly) texture …

Selby Botanical Garden has used this showy specimen plant in its landscape, including in a bright flowering bed near their wedding pergola …

… and in a planting on the edge of Sarasota Bay …


  1. Mine in St Pete literally swarm with bees to an almost scary extent. My oldest one is only two or three and it is about 9 feet tall and growing into a beautiful small tree. They don’t all have the right shape to grow as trees but this individual happens to be growing upright and symmetrically with a nice leader. It’s in very poor sandy ground and is a little more demanding of water than my other natives. Two more year-old teabush are under a tall pine and get a little dappled shade and have slightly richer and lower pH dirt, and they’re growing well and fast and need water a little less often. But the bees’ favorite is the one in full sun.

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