Nifty Native Front Dooryard Planting

Lori & Terry Greene recently re-did their front dooryard bed. The photo above was taken when we visited on 4/25/21, and the very top photo was taken and shared on 6/17/21 by Terry. Check out how this garden has grown.

The starry rosin, aka rosinweed, is definitely the star of the show …

Also in this new planting is wild pennyroyal (Pilophelis rigida), a wonderful wildlflower of dry habitats with darling drumheads of tiny pinkish purple flowers that are highly attractive to pollinators.

Its foliage contrasts excellently with the nearby turfgrass from which it is separated by a newly installed graceful brick border …

Notice the pine bark mulch, a by-product of pine plantations, which is the longest lived landscape mulch according to University of Florida research.

A dwarf variety of Walter’s viburnum (Viburnum obovatum), a.k.a. blackhaw viburnum, also graces this bed and was beginning to flower …

Tucked in this bed is an oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia), a species normally found only in the northern part of Florida. Fingers crossed for its success in Sebastian …

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