Native yellow lantana: Not likely

Many native plant nurseries supposedly sell the low growing native pineland lantana (Lantana depressa var. depressa). According to botanical expert Roger Hammer, it is unlikely to be the native pineland lantana due to hybridization — even if sold by a reputable commercial or non-commercial native plant nursery. Click here to read his article about the Lantana Mess.

Lantana (Lantana camara) is an invasive pest plant that invades natural areas, is toxic to horses & cattle, and hybridizes with the native pineland lantana. This invasive plant is highly variable …

Birds and other wildlife consume and spread this invasive plant. Cultivated lantanas are an important commercial crop, and there are more than 200 cultivars, some of which are thought to be sterile.

Want to plant lantana in your yard? How about the beautiful and native button sage (Lantana involucrata) with small white flowers and pale purple fruits.

Button sage has a shrubby growth habit and maintains a round shape without pruning. It is shown below in the beautiful landscape at Bok Tower …

We frequently have seen button sage at our yard visits including in the yard of Tom Brown on 6/18/2021 where he planted it adjacent to his new pergola …

Our Florida state butterfly, the zebra longing, loves to nectar on this native lantana …

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